Gears of War, The King of Third-Person Shooters

Let me begin by saying that Gears of War has been my favorite game since the first one came out back in November, 2006. It’s truly one of a kind. I’ve spent many days playing through its thrilling campaigns, horde modes, and competitive online play. Plus, I’ve watched my fair share of pro streamers. I like to think that over the years I’ve developed a comprehensive grasp of the game, and would like to break down a few key techniques that are, in my opinion, effective in combat.


This is what makes Gears of War an original third-person shooter! Basically, it means jumping from wall to wall rather quickly, while battling or running from other players. The goal during battle is to do this very fluently and hit shotgun shots in between bounces, you’ll see “good kids” do this all the time. It’s can be used in long or short range combat but it’s mostly effective in short range shotgun bloodshed. This is a good combat technique for a variety of reasons, starting with the fact that it makes you way harder to hit! Plus, once you master wall-bouncing it will increase your overall maneuvering and give you the ability to make plays that are clip worthy.

Blind-Fire Vs. Quick-Scope

The Gnasher blind-fire can obliterate opponents.

When you’re in a close range Gnasher (shotgun) battle with other players you need to utilize this technique to not get pooped on. Blind-fire means to not look down the scope of your gun while shooting, it saves you milliseconds in a shoot out but that’s what a lot of them come down to. The ability to “body” someone, or completely blasting their body to pieces with the shotgun, comes much easier with blind fire because you don’t have to be as precise, like quick-scoping. Combine this with the finesse of wall-bouncing and you’ll surely become a close range killing machine, and quite the headache for the opposing team.

Quick-scoping is most effective in medium to long range battle with a shotgun or a sniper rifle. To quick-scope means to look down your scope and instantly shoot, and immediately release your scope. Repeat. This only works if you have steady hands and maintain good accuracy with each shotgun or sniper blast. However; for a sniper it is met for a flashy quick shot with high damage to an opponent, possibly a head explosion, but if you miss… HEW BOY! I hope you got a plan B.

Maximize Active Reloads

Gears of War created the idea of the active reloads and it’s simply genius. The creators changed the typical reload on a gun by allowing the player to manually do it instead of waiting for the clip to run out of bullets. As you can see in the image, the player can hit a standard reload or a super reload and if they miss both the gun jams and they’re worthless for like 5 seconds. It sounds easy, but I assure you that when your in a heated battle moving quick it can be tough. Maximizing your super reload is crucial because it’s faster and does more damage, providing that extra edge during an encounter with the enemy. Every advantage helps.

Mastering the art of these skills and fusing them together is what makes the good, great.

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