Apex Legends Comes Outta No Where!

Some Background Information

Apex Legends has raised the bar in the battle royal world! It was recently released for a variety of systems on February 4, 2019 by Respawn Entertainment, the same company who made the Titan Fall games. This game uses a similar business strategy as Fortnite where it’s free to play and they provide players with the option to purchase in game currency to obtain items that are more exclusive. It works very well.

This game was released with very little warning to the gaming community. In my opinion, it was executed perfectly with almost zero bugs and the game play runs slicker than snot. Apex Legends is your classic scavenger/survival game that actively displays the values of the designers during game play using some key Values at Play (VAP) elements that I feel standout among other battle royal games on the market today.

Rules of Interaction between Players

The communication capabilities Apex has much more advanced social connectivity than most games that I’ve played in my gaming career, even if a player doesn’t have a mic they can still make any necessary call outs to their teammates. There is no doubt in my mind that the creators wanted players to be able to communicate thoroughly with each other in a friendly manner and they successfully accomplished that in a few different ways.

Players are able to notify teammates by clearly marking critical things on the map such as enemies spotted, desired weapons/ammo, marks for future actions, etc. The communication feature is full circle because you can provide confirmation responses to call outs to let everyone know you’re on the same page. The creators even give you the ability to thank teammates after a transaction, like picking up loot that they’ve dropped, which makes me believe that they value camaraderie and manners.

Respawn Beacon

Apex Legends took their game to a new level with including a feature where teammates are able to be revived at a special beacon if they’re “thirsted” in a battle. Battle royal games like Fortnite and PUBG don’t have this and I have to admit I really like it. Anyone who has played a battle royal game knows that if you get killed, especially in the beginning, it sucks to sit and watch your team for the rest of the game. I usually change my laundry or something productive when that happens. Anyway, I think this feature further shows the designers’ values for teamwork and second chances.

The Champions are Dope!

Currently, there are eight different characters that players can choose from and they all have unique personalities and special abilities. Depending on what strategy you or your team are going for, different mixes of these fighters will complement certain styles whether it’s an aggressive or more conservative strategy. Again, highlighting the values of teamwork and communication the developers want to convey to the players. They’re all sorts of customization options from weapon and character skins down to the dialogue they use throughout the game. In my opinion, the creators brilliantly use these characters as a medium for players to express their personalities and playing styles.

The Current Apex Champions

One thing that I noticed about this game too is that they don’t objectify woman. The female characters are just as bad-ass as all the other champions and they aren’t wearing revealing clothing with extenuated features. On top of that, Apex is a FPS so you don’t have a Tomb Raider Lara Croft situation going on.

My Recommended Strategies…

I must admit that I’m far from being a professional at this game or any battle royal for that matter, but I have caught on to some strategies through my game play and watching others play.

The primary goal of Apex Legends, as well as every battle royal game type, is to survive the chaos! Although, there are still many players who only focus on how many kills they can get which can be super annoying because it can get your team into some tight spots. My first recommendation don’t be greedy or thirsty. Those kills are worth nothing but an ego boost for your K/D, so don’t put your squad at a high risk of wiping for your own gain.

Another recommendation I have is to train yourself to be a skillful scavenger and get your loot quick and efficiently. The better gear you have the better your chances are of winning the game. Scavenging for loot is easier if you don’t land in a “hot drop” because all the thirsty kids land in those areas and if you don’t get a gun right away you’re in trouble.

The key to winning fights in battle royal modes, besides never missing a shot, is your positioning when a battle begins. If you’re able to get the element of surprise and land the first few shots your chances of surviving are much higher, even if the other players are more skilled than you.

Lastly, be confident and calm when you encounter enemies. I tend to get huge burst of adrenaline when crucial battle happens, which can make me a bit shaky and mess with my aim. Take some deep breaths, you got this!

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