PUBG is Thee OG

A Brief Introduction

PlayerUnkown’s Battleground is a well-known battle royal game that is played across a variety of platforms. The Soviet post-apocalyptic world was developed by PUBG Corportation and Bluehole, it was released back in March of 2017. It follows the typical format of 100 people landing on a chunk of land and fighting to the death. Players must scavenge for supplies while running, or driving, to new positions to avoid the slow burn of the “Blue Circle.” Players are able to play solo, duos, trios, or squads and the last player or team standing is the winner.

The following will discuss my analysis of the culture within PUBG using aesthetics, rules for player to player interaction, and interface. Plus, my own little rant about my experiences with the game intertwined.

Fun Fact.

According to a podcast done by TMZ’s Jason Beckerman and Derek Kaufman on Behind the Bar, there was a beef between Epic Games and the makers of PUBG when Fortnite first hit the gaming scene. PUBG claimed that Epic Games was ripping off their ideas and wanted to take legal action against them for it. Long story short, Fortnite was announced to have differentiate themselves enough to be considered an original idea and the debate really stopped there. The funny thing is Epic Games assisted PUBG creators by helping them modify the Unreal Engine they used to create PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. And now every battle royal game is biting ideas from each other and its continuously evolving the genre.

This is the link to the podcast I discussed about if you’re interested. It’s number 7 on their list.


PUBG is a well-made game, you can tell that the creators value giving the gamer a genuine experience to survive a world in ruins. They want the player to ask themselves, “What would I Do?” Every map is designed effectively for a battle royal vibe with good detail throughout the nooks and crannies of the islands.

They have engaging environments and unpredictable outcomes, and that shows the value of providing thrills and excitement to their players. I think the layouts of PUBG’s maps are solid and I like the balance of the elements, but in my experience the game never ran very smoothly and everything seemed a bit unpolished. It could be because my Xbox One is trash but who knows!

Rules for Player to Payer Interactions

Players can punch, shoot, and taunt any players they want to in the game. Trash talking is prominent in PUBG culture and can be a little toxic at times, but the creators value freedom for the players. PUBG wants to provide a true feeling of surviving a post-apocalyptic world. They showed this value to players with a game that spikes a survival instinct and has a simple objective that many in the gaming community thought was missing.

PUBG created an environment for players that requires a high level of communication, teamwork, and tactics.

Solid Interface

Dope Layout!

One thing I really like about PUBG is the inventory interface. Players use it to easily view loot that is found on dead players or scattered throughout an area. It has a clean layout that displays your character and guns, as well as items to use or attach. The creators show they value organization by providing an inventory system that is user friendly.

A Quick Strategy and A Thought

Leaning is key!

I haven’t played PUBG a ton because I was always more of a Fortnite gamer, but I did recognize a strategy from my scattered appearances on PUBG. Your movement is key in this game! Utilize your leaning, crouching, and prone position while in combat to help maintain cover and make damaging shots. Be smooth with your movements and be smart with your peeking.

In my opinion, PUBG was the game that put the battle royal genre on the map in the gaming community because when it was released there was nothing quite like it on the market. I never even knew what battle royal was until I saw game play of PUBG come through my Facebook feed a couple years ago. My problem with this game is that it has struggled to evolve, I feel like its the same game as when it was released just with more maps.

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